• Podium Plan ($200/Month)

    The Podium Plan is the perfect plan for serious athletes. This plan is custom tailored to each athletes goals and built to mesh well with life. Athletes can contact their coach as often as needed and can expect their coach to contact them at least once each week. Athletes will complete periodic testing to help evaluate progress and allow for updated training zones. Lastly athletes will receive a free Premium Athlete Account with Training Peaks.
  • Peak Plan ($60/3 Months)

    The Peak Plan is designed for the athlete on a budget. The athlete and their coach will have an initial consultation to determine goals and scheduling. The coach will write workouts for a month at a time tailoring the plan to the athletes goals. This plan is essentially a hands off approach to coaching.
  • Personal/Group Consultation ($60/hour)

    A Personal or Group Consultation can be used to accomplish a variety of outcomes. If you need some help modifying your personal training plan, or you'd like some one on one help with cycling, running, or swimming then a personal consultation would definitely be a good idea. This includes but is not limited to motor pacing, cycling sprint/cornering work, swim form analysis, run form analysis, and field testing. Consider getting a group together to help lower the cost per person!
  • Lactate Threshold Testing ($100)

    We are excited to announce that we are adding LT testing to our list of services! Contact us for more information!
  • Junior Training Program

    If you are a junior looking to improve your fitness contact True Performance Training Systems for special pricing and plan options.