Garmin 920 XT

I recently picked up the Garmin 910XT to try out. I have only used it a handful of times, but it is absolutely amazing! If you are a triathlete that is into crunching numbers this device will give you every number you could ever dream of and then some. 

It has a very user friendly interface that will work flawlessly with your computer, making the tracking of data much easier than with any device you have used in the past. It counts strokes, stroke efficiency, strokes for eacy stroke used, laps, lap times, the list goes on for just swimming. It also does the obvious run and bike functions as well. If the watch is purchased as part of the triathlon bundle then you will have the ability to simply twist the device 90 degrees to remove it from the wrist band and lock it into the bike mount. It is pretty slick and offers a very fast switch. The triathlon bundle also comes with all of the accesories you will need to make it work for all of your triathlon needs!

I have found very few things so far that I don't like with this particular device other than the high price. Garmin knows they have built a great product so they graciously pass that on to the consumer. Money doesn't always get you better quality, but in this case it definitely is worth every penny

Ben Linderman